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Hey guys, so now I'm doing two 4th Generation playthroughs! My old Soulsilver save file was way back from around a year ago and my current team at that point looked ridiculously bad so I restarted fresh and decided to test my luck again. I'm going to be following a similar format with my Platinum updates. Also the nicknames on my team are dedicated to all of my Battle Server friends who are truly amazing.

Upon starting the game, as usual I listened to Professor Oak's speech. He mumbled something about reading a book and being absorbed into it so much that he didn't notice I had been standing in front of him for the past fifteen minutes. He did his usual greeting and then had gender confusion, asking me whether I was a boy or girl. I gave him an awkward stare before replying girl and was asked for my name. I hit the appropiate buttons and then he asked, "So your name is Sophie then?" I clicked the yes option and that's how my name came to be in this game.

He wished me luck and said that we would meet again in the future most likely before somehow shrinking me to the size of a pintack. I woke up at home and checked my PC for any items or useful info. Upon looking, I noticed a mail from Ethan, read it quickly and then headed downstairs. My Mum looked up from the table and walked up saying Professor Elm was looking for me and wanted me to see him in his lab next door, she then gave me a Bag, Options and a Trainer Card, even though all I was doing was strolling five metres to the lab.

I walked out of the house and was approached by a cute creature called Marill. I stared at it for a moment and then it suddenly ran off with a boy with dark black hair and a black cap with yellow stripes. Ethan. I watched them walk off before seeing a boy with red long hair standing peering into the window. Not suspicious at all, eh. I shrugged and walked in, before being greeted by Professor Elm who said that he wanted me to do a favour and head up to Mr Pokemon's House, but the problem was I had no Pokemon. He obviously noticed that because immediately after he quickly said I could choose a Pokemon in the machine. There were three Pokemon but I already knew which one was the shooting star in my eyes, Cyndaquil. I was asked if I would like to nickname it and decided to call it Derk after Twilight Sky, since it seemed a fitting name for a Cyndaquil.

I headed out with my new partner, was advised to talk to my Mum and did so. Her eyes gleamed seeing the Cyndaquil and then she gave me the Pokegear. At the time I didn't know that I'd be getting a flood of calls from Youngster Joey every single day. I accepted the gift and then headed out.

So basically this post is getting gigantic already so I'll cut it in half. I managed to get to Mr Pokemon's House without difficulty, met up with Professor Oak who noticed Derk the Cyndaquil and commented he was a rare Pokemon indeed. He then entrusted me with a Pokedex, exclaimed something about a radio show and walked off. Mr Pokemon handed me an egg and I was on my way, as I headed outside I got a call from Professor Elm. He said there was a disaster at the lab and I should get back quickly. I frowned, what had happened? Did he lose his favourite socks again? But in all seriousness, if Elm called and said it was an emergency, it was an emergency.

Running the whole way back I bumped into that red-haired boy. He said something about wimps and then suddenly challenged me to a battle, I won pretty easily and got some money in the process. I headed back to the lab, was told someone had stolen a starter and that it was a red-haired boy. I frowned and then said I remembered battling some kid like that who's name was Silver. The policeman walked off and I gave Elm the egg before he said suddenly I should try the Pokemon Gym Challenge.

I accepted since I had nothing better to do and chatted with my Mum. She said she could save some of my prize money and I thought why not, and allowed her to. Now this is getting insanely big so I'm just going to make everything short and concise. I was taught how to catch a Pokemon for around the sixth thousandth time and caught a Zubat which I called Jake at the Dark Cave. I trained Cyndaquil and Jake for a while before catching a Mareep which I called Jelli,the route south of Violet City. I trained for an hour and got them up a few levels before easily defeating the Sprout Tower and Falkner. I received an Old Rod from a fisherman in the Pokemon Center near Union Cave before heading back to catch a Poliwag which I called Ozzy, was tempted to call it Kermit though.

And headed through Union Cave before easily getting Ozzy up some levels, while also defeating Team Rocket and saving the Slowpoke. I headed to Bugsy's gym before saving after a trainer. I plan to beat Bugsy probably around tomorrow or when I have time, after I finish my massive pile of schoolwork.

Current Team

Derk the Quilava
Level 19
-Quick Attack

Jake the Zubat
Level 16
-Leech Life

Jelli the Flaaffy
Level 18
-Thunder Wave

Ozzy the Poliwag
Level 18
-Water Gun