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Alys “Victoria” Taimor – Bandit Fort, Eveamoor

Alys split off from the others, heading around the corner of the fort to inspect the felled bandit that had been the first of her targets. With a squawk, Castiel landed back on her shoulder, digging his class into the leather strap on her shoulder while he quickly nursed a small injury. She slipped another piece of rabbit meat from the pouch hanging off of her belt, feeding it to the Falcon.

She rounded the corner, stepping into the rapidly cooling pool of blood around the bandit. With one foot on the bandits shoulder and the other keeping her stable on the ground, she wrenched upwards, dislodging the arrow from the man's neck and wiping the blood and cartilage on his clothing. Rifling through the scouts quiver, she took stock of the arrows before placing them in her own quiver, soon realising that the bandit scout had a similar spread of arrows to her own.

"No ordinary bandit could afford arrows like these," Alys spoke to Castiel, "could that Highman have...?" she trailed off, remembering the adorably sweet Highman that had supplied her with the quiver now slung across her back.

Returning to the group, she gathered in the centre with the others, Varian tossing her a Direwolf Tooth arrow at her before directing them to an open door way that seemed to descend into hell. Strapping her bow to her back, Alys felt Castiel return as his claws dug into her shoulder plate, checking the falcon was sturdy before whipping out the hunting knife strapped to her leg. Crouching, she walked forward, following closely behind Varian.

"Varian," Alys hissed under her breath, "the bandit back there, he had a pretty intensive quiver back there. Not something most bandits would have..."

Varian seemed to shrug Alys’ information off as they continued deeper into the bandit fort. Up ahead, she could hear voices as light penetrated the darkness until it opened up into a large room filled with possibly many bandits; all now glaring menacingly from behind them.

Turning around, Alys soon discovered the portcullis that struck down; cutting of their only way of escape. Shifting her hunting blade into her opposing hand, she drew another, similar in style, from her bag, getting ready for the fight ahead. Not wanting to be in the brawl, Castiel flew up into the rafters to gaze down upon the impending battle like a feathery spectator.
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