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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
I'm just now hearing about this band once they've broken up? Ah, well, there's always the potential for the band reforming. Happens all the time.
Yeah there's always that. The Misfits broke up after 6 years of forming and reformed in 1995.
Black Flag broke up after 10 years of forming and reformed in 2005 and 2013. (According to a friend of mine, I'm thinking this is right.) Fall Out Boy went on hiatus and 3 years later they're now back and looking forward to releasing a new record, a new single out now with music video along it, and new tour. They were planning to release their 5th album sometime soon so it's a surprise to me that they would call it quits suddenly in the middle of making an album. There's speculation that it could be publicity stunt for the new album. Lindsey Way, the wife of their frontman, Gerard Way, tweeted this on her Twitter today:

It kind of does make me think something's going on.

They've always did things like that to bring up speculation for new albums and make fans go nuts. Like just a few more before their last album, Danger Days , was announced an odd TV thing showed up on their website with weird "transmission" things. The band then posted a teaser trailer for the album on their official YouTube account, entitled "Art Is the Weapon". Though I strongly doubt it's a publicity stunt, I really would hope. It's definitely a possibly they could come back and finish their 5th album cause that seems more likely than a publicity stunt to announced their next album. Though it's still strange how they had 6 songs recorded for a new album and then suddenly break up.Also odd how short their goodbye/break up blog was. Only a paragraph and no real explanation of what happened (check the blog I posted earlier if you haven't. ) I'm just saddened they're pretty much done for forever. Though I'm hopeful there's a chance they'll be back, they had good chemistry. They're just been some drama with the band and rumors going around about them , but they didn't say if that's why they were breaking up. Still hopeful they will reunite someday. Maybe in 3 year , maybe in 10. Who knows just gonna wait to see what happens with them.

Edit: Gerard Way (the band's frontman) just wrote this tweet a few hours ago. It pretty much sums up everything and say a final goodbye. And it's so beautiful. So comforting to . To me and any fan.
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