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Just dropping in to say hi!
Welcome to all the new members we have now since I last posted, wow there's a lot xD
Congrats on all those awesome shinies!

An update on my hunts:
Both first legs of my Ruby BQ and my Soulsilver BQ are at about 1100 REs each. I'm terrible at REing, I've found out! Lol.
I'm also Masudaing for a second shiny Eevee, which I'm up to about 650 for that. Plus, I started a Moltres SR hunt on LG, that I plan to hunt alongside Eevee. If I find Eevee first, I'll dual hunt Moltres on LG and HG.
Spring break's coming up, so hopefully that means more shinies!

@Flydro Perhaps you'd like to race for Eevee? I'm Masudaing, so the odds are a bit unfair, but it's all for fun
@Wandering~Leaf I was always fascinated by the Pokemon in Dragon's Den. Or you could hunt one of the other birds perhaps? (Or mewtwo!)
Good luck everyone!

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