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    Pokemon Crisis

    Pokemon Crisis is a Role Play set in Sinnoh. There is always an overall plot occurring, as well as numerous side plots that may be developed cooperatively or individually. The main plot is seasonally dynamic, in other words a predetermined plot line will occur and immediately be followed by a new plot line.



    The world has fallen into chaos approximately six months ago. It all started when Team Genocide began their global reign of terror. Team Genocide’s attacks began as an attempt to control Kanto and Johto. Team Genocide met an early demise thanks to combined efforts of the Kanto and Johto League Champion and Arceus, but at a price. The Kanto and Johto League Champion died in the final battle and Arceus was returned to its dimension,soon after Team Genocide made its return. Their plans renewed they succeed in catching the legendary Pokemon Darkrai further reinforcing their previous legendary Genesect. With no real opposition Team Genocide succeeds where they once had failed. No longer content with just Kanto and Johto they spread their attack to every major region. Though victorious, Team Genocide has ultimately failed. War has now deprived the regions of prosperity and wildlife, thus making society a wasteland. Arceus was angered at the revolting sight of its children being slaughtered in unnecessary conflict. All pokeball technology was rendered useless, as well as every form of technology associated with Team Genocide. The now free Pokémon are few in number and seldom seen. Arceus has now sent a message throughout the regions to the humans saying “Change your ways or your species will meet its demise.”

    Humanity, now under the impression of an apocalypse, has become distressed and panicked. A new form of humans has recently surfaced. These people can form a link with a Pokemon if the Pokemon allows them to. Due to the implied nature of these people society has come to call them “Pure-Hearted.” Normal humans became jealous of this unique ability causing a rash discrimination of Pure-Hearted. Three primary factions are now recognizable. The first is the humans. They have taken a stand against Arceus and its Pure-Hearted seeking the ultimate destruction of anything not human. The second faction is the Pure-Hearted. They seek to uphold Arceus’ ideals and bring about a new regime of humanity. The final faction is split between like-minded humans and Pure-Hearted. They seek to understand one another and wish for a peaceful resolution to the conflict between the two societies. Due to their shared resources people feel that the split faction holds the most power.



    As mentioned before the plot is constructed of seasons. During every season there is at least one major event. (Crisis began THREE[3] years ago)

    Season 1: Altered Realities (Current Season. Main characters of season, Eric D Levitz, Fredrick Moore)

    Season 2: Masked Alliance

    Season 3: Uprising

    Current Locations


    Hearthome City

    Faction: Split

    Often considered the strongest city in the region, Hearthome City is a safe haven for both humans and Pure-Hearted. The city is lead representative of each group. The leaders’ headquarters are located in the renovated Pokemon gym. Residencies for people of the lower class involve a divvied out room in the Contest Hall, while those of the upper class often own their own house.

    Jubalife City

    Faction: Pure-Hearted

    A society composed of strictly strong Pure-Hearted. They have a firm belief in survival of the fittest. The Global Trade Center is the leader’s headquarters. Jubalife TV has been restructured into a gladiatorial arena to determine a trainer’s strength. Any human found entering Jubalife City is taken to the arena and publicly executed. The Poketch Company building has been remodeled to function as a type of lower class refuge. Upper class individuals are allowedto rent condominiums.

    Pastoria City

    Faction: Human

    Pastoria City is the primary location for human operations. Any and all Pure-Hearted are killed upon approaching the city limits. Due to their secretive nature not much is known about this society. The old gym functions as the leader’s base of operations. Housing is shared among civilians.

    Veilstone City

    Faction: Split

    Technically Veilstone City accepts both groups but many speculate on the leader’s true intentions. Unlike many cities, Veilstone is quite strict on their acceptance of individuals and conduct. The gym serves as the leader’s headquarters. Both classes tend to share living quarters in the Galactic Headquarters. This is seen as an act equality by the citizens.

    Sunyshore City

    Faction: Human

    Considered a twin city to Pastoria City.Both function as important human societies. As with Pastoria City, Pure-Hearted found approaching the city are killed on sight. Once again the gym functions as the headquarters for the city’s leader. Sunyshore Market serves asthe lower class living quarters, while upper class citizens own the many houses.

    Snowpoint City

    Faction: Pure-Hearted

    An isolated city primarily inhabited by Pure-Hearted. A few humans make Snowpoint City their home but most are either related to a Pure-Hearted or stranded from the Battle Frontier. Certain houses function as a small hostel/inn for all classes while other houses are inhabited by families. No formal leader exists for Snowpoint City.

    Canalave City

    Faction: None

    Canalave City is currently abandoned. Humans are now unable to reach Canalave City and Pure-Hearted tend to ignore it.

    Other Cities/Towns- Either abandoned or overrun with bandits.

    Important Characters


    Sebastian James

    Co-Leader of Hearthome City

    He is the human leader of Hearthome City. He shares leadership with Debbie Straus. Mainly controls the public relations and other in city dilemma.

    Debbie Straus

    Co-Leader of Hearthome City

    Pokemon: Mamoswine

    She has primary control of the Hearthome army and all militia associated with Hearthome City. She shares leadership with Sebastian James. Debbie is often considered one of the strongest Pure-Hearted.

    Martin Frey

    Leader of Jubalife City

    Pokemon: Volcarona

    He runs the city with an iron fist. His survival strategy may involve the Pure-Hearted but are severely limited to strong pairs. If you are considered weak you will be thrown into the arena where you will be forced to fight to the death. He is currently considered the strongest Pure-Hearted.

    Jessie Anders

    Leader of Pastoria city

    He is considered the main leader of all humans in Sinnoh. Typically pompous, he always speaks of his gigantic army which he will use to take over the whole region. Interestingly enough no one has ever seen this army.

    Xaiver Miles

    Leader of Veilstone City

    He is a human, and a by the books type of guy. He claims that he cares for pure hearts, but due to the significant difference between populations people have begun speculating if this is indeed true.

    Lisa Simons

    Pokemon: Electivire

    She is Xaiver’s lover and a Pure-Hearted. Some say she that she is obsessed with him as that she does anything he asks.

    Henry Smith

    Leader of Sunyshore

    He is a human who is good friends with Jessie Anders. He cares little to nothing for pure hearts, but not as violent as Jessie.

    Fredrick Moore

    Pokemon: Darkrai

    He is the only Pure-Hearted known to have obtained a legendary Pokemon. Everybody in Sinnoh knows of him as being the first leader of Hearthome City. He ran away from Hearthome City due to the immense pressure associated with the position of leader. He is currently missing with no sign of him returning. Some say he has died while others believe he is planning his return. (not much is said about this character due to his evolution into a player character in the story later on)

    Your Character (SU)


    Name: (First and last, middle optional)

    Nickname: (optional)

    Age: (10-18)


    Appearance: (How your character looks. Good length that goes into detail. At least three sentences. Picture is allowed. If you have a picture no explanation is needed)

    Personality: (How your character acts in certain situations.)

    History: (Why and how your character is where they are now.What brought them there, and how is their personality influenced from past events? At least five sentences.)

    Class: (optional. Lower, middle, upper class. Your class will always be dynamic so just put what they are when you start)

    Pokemon: (No legendary only applicable by GM’s for now)

    Nickname: (Optional, but preferred)

    Personality: (What is your Pokemon like. How’s its attitude to other humans and Pokemon.

    Moves: (4-6 moves actually possible for the Pokemon to learn. HM’s do not count if they can learn that move they already know it [fly, surf etc.])

    Other: (Optional. Extra stuff about your Pokemon you feel important about them, past trainers etc.)

    Rules (always possible to change)

    1. All OOC matters go into OOC thread even if they are small.

    2. Godmodding is prohibited without GM’s permission first.

    3. Powerplaying isn’t allowed unless you get permission from other user, and both agree to this by notify a GM.

    4. Bunnying is allowed without permission for short periods of time, but if you wish to bunny for an elongated time period permission from GM is required.

    5. The RP is based off the games not anime, or manga, but if you feel there is something you must have, but is related to anime, or manga PM a GM, and it will be decided based off the importance.

    6. Pokémon don’t have levels in this they are based off of their base stats.

    7. Important NPC’s/characters cannot be controlled without GM’s permission.

    8. Creating random NPC’s is allowed, but don’t make them last long, or major part of RP.

    9. Battling will be like normal battling, but no hp bar, or level. Whomever the winner is don’t make the battle seem just impossible to win. Don't make it that they win from just the craziest luck. Make it realistic. If your character/character’s Pokemon die you may create another just fill out another SU for the new character.

    10. Battling will mainly go off of your Pokemon`s base stats and type advantages/disadvantages.

    11. 1 week counts as 1 IC day. (will be notified before hand of new day)


    1-10 spots are available (not including GM’s). Applicants will be notified of their acceptance within 48 hours of their application. As an additional note players are allowed to have as many characters as they want as long as they can maintain a cohesive story.

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