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Lol, sure thing. I'll make my updates more detailed too, so it's not just a summation of the run as a whole. Starting right now!

The Gray Pearls Party, part 1.

♦ Started up the game, picked the male character and chose Chimchar as my starter.
♦ Got the Pokédex from Prof. Rowan, and then headed back home to get the this-is-so-useless-why-did-they-even-put-this-in-the-game Journal before continuing my adventure.
♦ I reached Jubilife and hunted down the 3 clowns scattered around the city, to get the Pokétch.
♦ Skipped almost every trainer on Route 203 to get to Oreburgh as quickly as possible, where I caught the first team member, Beryl the Machop.
♦ After training her up a bit, I challenged the gym and won easily with Karate Chop and Low Kick.
♦ Made my way up to Floaroma, beating up some Galactic grunts and other trainers along the way.
♦ Bought some Honey, and eventually got a Burmy! Named it Garnet.
♦ Trained her a bit as well, and then infiltrated Team Galactic's HQ.
♦ Traversed through Route 205 and the Eterna Forest, where Garnet evolved into a Plant Cloak Wormadam!
♦ Currently saved in Eterna City.


Garnet the Wormadam, Lv 20 (♀)
Item: None
Protect, Tackle, Hidden Power, Bullet Seed

Beryl the Machop, Lv 22 (♀)
Item: None
Low Kick, Revenge, Focus Energy, Karate Chop
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