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@ Everyone

In all the Pokémon Centers across Johto, and on every PokéGear where trainers can read updated server news, an interesting offer comes up.

There is a player in Violet City called Melkor who says that he has experienced several very strange bugs and glitches to MAO. There is something wrong with the game, besides it trying to kill them and not letting them log out. And he is determined to find a way to exploit these bugs to win the game more easily.

His main point is that players have tried going solo for too long now. They need to start working together in a more organized way. He is calling any trainer who has experienced a glitch of some kind to join him in the front yard of the Sprout Tower at noon tomorrow (tuesday IC). Trainers who have not experienced glitches or bugs but feel confident that their skills might help are also welcome.

He is going to form a guild. A guild of pokémon trainers. Together, they will train and help each other traverse the routes and defeat the gym leaders and villains on their way.

Melkor has two trusted friends with him on this idea already. One is called Viking and is a rather awkward guy, the other is called Fraud and is a rather bitter girl. Still, Melker's friendly and confident persona should make up for them.

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As if right on cue, glitches befall some of those in Route 31 who have not yet seen any...

Under the feet of Lux, something suddenly starts trembling. The ground erupts and a pokémon climbs up. It looks angered and confused and it is clear that it should not be there. If you have played a pokémon game, you know that this is a legendary from Hoenn. Even in MAO, it would be strange to find it in Johto.

Ange and Kinder might see this from a distance. The Registeel starts moving towards Lux, waving its arms.

((OOC: Note that you may not bunny the Registeel. It is a GM controlled character.))
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