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Kris, and an equally determined Pokemon Trainer as Lyra or Ethan, was the very first female protagonist of a mainstream Pokemon game. If you were given the choice between Lyra, HGSS' female protagonist, and Kris who would you have rather played as? Do you think Kris should have been the female protagonist? Why? Perhaps she could have proven to be a second rival? Were you disappointed that she made no debut in HGSS? Were you surprised having being remakes, HGSS didn't feature her?

Honestly, I never played Pokemon Crystal so I suppose I didn't develop a gamers 'connection' with her so to speak. Similar to that of what some of us have with the Pokemon we train in our games. She's looks sassy that's for sure, and she definitely looks like she can put up one hell of a fight. What surprised me is that she wasn't included in the remakes; I think if the developers of HGSS included her, and perhaps gave her her own little backstory, it would have given us another - on top of many - great addition to what already proved to be a pair of excellent games.

On the topic of Lyra, I don't like her as much as Kris, but I definitely think she isn't one of the worst characters/protagonist of the Pokemon series. Her constant yapping about her Marill soon became irritating, and her nonsensical calls telling me about how her Marill evolved...when it quite clearly didn't when I visited home every now and then, rubbed me a little in the wrong way.

What about you? Discuss!
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