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Originally Posted by Aerilyn View Post
I honestly hope the move tutors will accept something other than shards. In Platinum, it was very specific and then in Unova they made it a bit easier. However, I feel like both ways were just too complicated because sometimes finding shards isn't an easy task ─ especially in DPPt. Either take my money or want something that isn't so difficult to obtain, but please no more shard collecting move tutors.
Yeah, I was kinda alright with how Black 2 & White 2's Move Tutors accepted shards of only one color but I hope they make you just pay some money this time around since money grinding is pretty easy these days. If they do stay with shards they should give them an easy way to obtain like with Black 2 & White 2 having them in dust clouds.

I know Platinum's Move Tutors were a little too specific with shards but HeartGold & SoulSilver was even worse with the fact that BP (Battle Points) were required to teach moves. I hope we don't see that again.
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