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    Charlotte (Charlie) Hunter - Atlantean Relief Centre- London England

    Charlie felt herself get brushed out the way as the human frag dragging a girl in toe, appeared, darting around the corner and out the door she had entered through within a few seconds. Pain dazed her and slowed her reactions, as she wheeled about, calling out for him to stop. But as she finally turned around fully to follow her target, she was just in time to see the black car she had once hidden behind speed off down the dirt track. Well two black cars, speeding down two dirt tracks. Double vision was never fun.

    Hissing a number of profanities, the girl steadied herself against one of the white walls, smearing the pure colour with crimson, while her free hand she clutched her side, blood slipping over her digits in warm rivulets of reds. The more blood she lost, the more the world around her span, lights flashing before her eyes, while the pounding of her own heart sounded within her ears. The pain had intensified to point beyond feeling, numbing her side completely as she swayed on her feet unsteadily.

    Briefly removing her hand from her wound, she wiped the back of her hand against her forehead, pulling back the dark ebony strands of hair, which stuck to her hollowed cheeks with the help of cold beads of sweat, which glistened over her pale skin.

    Laboured tugs for air, heaved her chest as she sucked in each breath as if it were her last, letting the cool, copper tainted tasting air, fill her lungs with ragged gasps. She could feel her legs wanting to buckle under her, but it was sheer stubbornness that stopped her from collapsing. She was not one to give in and now was not a time to start.

    Closing her eyes, Charlie focused on making the world around her stop spinning. Steadying her breathing and trying to slow her heart beat down. If it kept its pace up, she would bleed to death before she could even get a chance to heal. She had to take control. The pain was managing itself, numbing her spine and chilling her flesh, it was almost a god send, just as long as it kept doing that, she would be able to cope.

    Lolling her head back onto her shoulders, Charlie pushed herself back against the wall, steadying herself completely. Feeling the steady structure behind her, made the spinning ease, if only a little at least.

    “Just don’t fall, Ok Charlie?” She hissed to herself, as she clutched her side with both arms now, hugging herself in a mixture of terror and need for comfort, as her long hair pooled over her shoulders. It was here, that a voice sounded.

    “Did, did you do…?”

    It had only been a few seconds since the Human Frag and company had made their escape, and on looking up, back through the open door, Charlie’s eyes meet a familiar, though admittedly, shocked looking face.

    Justin, stood in the door way, watching her with a mixture of emotions toying with his face. He didn’t look like he knew out to react. He was looking at her wound as if recognising it, that look reminding her of Mark’s from back in the coffee shop, yet there was something different behind this look. Something which, Charlie had not seen in Mark’s wide eyes that afternoon.

    “Thank… thank you, but are you alright?” Justin now began to hobble over to where she stood, sweeping up two chairs and offering one to her. Charlie, of course gladly accepted the gesture and manoeuvred herself onto the seat gingerly, wincing slightly as she leaned back onto the structure, her legs giving up her weight eagerly.

    Nodding her own thanks to her now, new company. Charlie lolled her head back once more, letting out a sigh of relief as some of the pressure which had gathered round her midriff eased. Her heart beat was now steady too which was a plus, the ooze of blood slowing to a steady trickle, though regardless the amount of blood lost already was still a worrying factor. Trying to think of next move however was cut short, as Justin spoke, his voice making her jump slightly by it’s closeness.

    Looking up, Charlie then eyed Justin, whom had taken a seat near her, setting his eyes on her with a worried expression now. The look of fear that she had thought she had spied earlier gone completely.

    “While you heal for a bit, why not tell me about yourself? What’s your name? How does your ability work? I would be happy to help with any questions you have.”

    Charlie regarded Justin for a little while, the pain gnawing at her innards. Granted the amount of pain and numbing sensation had now began to die off, but whether this was due to her healing abilities or simply her body’s way of shutting down, Charlie did not know.

    Pushing this rather, gutting wrenchingly worrying thought to the side however, Hunter tried to focus on the questions being asked. She had not realised before that they had not exchanged names, but then when looking back, everything had happened too fast for pleasantries and tea to be offered.
    “I’m Charlie. Charlie Hunter.” This offered reply was given by a stronger voice than Charlie had realised, expecting it to come out weak and whimpering. “My ability? I don’t know anything about it. I heal people by absorbing their injuries, that’s all I know.”

    Here Charlie tried to smile, though this attempt quickly failed and turned into a grimace, as a particularly large spike of pain shuddered up her spine, making the hair on her arms stand on end, as a sudden gasp for air slipped out over her tongue. However, she quickly regained control, refocusing her eyes onto her company with nod.

    “Who were those guys?” she then finally asked, nodding towards her wound. “Why did they come here? And no offence Justin, sorry your name tag told me your name, but though I appreciate the company, I need a doctor.”

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