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    Austin Tseng – New York City's Atlantean Relief Center, America

    Austin loaded up a blue bird onto his catapult. Angling his shot carefully, he released. This was for three medals...damn. Not even close. He reset the level. Time to try again-

    "So," said the girl in the chair beside him, "what are you in here for?" Her voice had a joking side to it. Then again, it was kinda obvious why he was here.

    "Ha!" he lauged. Austin put his iPad down. He pushed the lock button so it would'nt waste his already dwindling battery.

    At least I have some company now...

    Austine turned to face a girl sitting next to him. Half smiling he said, "I suppose I'm here for the same reason you are. Crazy superpowers!" Heraised his hands about chin-level wiggled his fingers a bit. You know, like what kids do when telling ghost stories. Not exactly the most mature guesture, but Austin wasn't exactly known for his outstanding maturity. After all, he was still kinda young.

    "My name's Austin, what about you?" He said, "So, I guess you have superpowers too. What can you do?" Honestly, it was all he could think of to start a conversation. Normally, he'd start with "where are you from", but these are far from normal times.

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