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Faber Capella
“No. Absolutely not.”

“W-what!” Faber said, shocked. Was she not good enough? Was it too hard? Was the Deep Ferrum Woods that scary? A lot of questions formed in her mind, but she couldn’t utter anything. But then she heard laughter.

“Just kidding! Welcome aboard, Faber.” Bruce said, still chuckling over what happened.

“You scared the heck outta me!” She pouted, but still grinned soon after.

A few moments later, Faber found herself with the Machop, Axel, and the ever-so-sulking Jen, walking South towards the Deep Ferrum woods headed by Bruce. She sighed, feeling a bit bored. She knew the travel was the boring part mostly, but then, the thought of arriving at the Ferrum Woods keeps her excited. The Ferrum Woods! Who knows what they might encounter there! Well of course Josham absolutely but the others! The berries! The Pokemon! Oh yes. She can’t wait until they’re there already. After a few more moments, she idly glanced to her teammates.

Axel, who was walking alongside her, was keeping an eye out for things that would seem out of the ordinary, as well as absent mindedly crushing rocks with his right hand. Faber knew Axel was strong, even as a puny Machop that looks skinny with the thin rib-like stripes. From the training he does every day at the Volcano, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the next thing she knew he evolved. Jen, the one in front, was either whining about not getting the spot or actually using her sixth sense to guard and make getting there easier. Faber knew Jen was really helpful, but boy was she so obvious in hinting she wanted an advance in rank.

“Faber?” She was shook out of her thoughts again by Ken, who made her look at the terrain.

“What?” She said, not seeing anything too different. “Where are we now?”

“Oh Faber,” Jen sighed, “Weren’t you paying attention to your surroundings again? We just passed another team’s base and Medeis town. Ferrum Woods would be in our sights right about… now.”

Faber blinked once; Jennifer was right. “Woah,” She said, looking at the trees that loom over them. A few more strides nearing towards it and she could faintly see a town inside it.

“Like what cha see Faber?” Ken asked, making her nod in reply. “Hah, thought so. Obviously a berry lover like you would get so excited over a buncha trees.”

“Come on, berries are just amazing. What’s not to like?”

“Yeah yeah, whatever. Need to keep your guards up though, some Pokemon here aren’t that friendly. Especially sneaks, if you know what I mean.”

“Mhm. I’ll worry about that when I meet one, mm’kay? For now let’s just focus on finding Josham.. for now.” She said, closing the discussion. Won’t be long~
Location: Somewhere towards Ferrum Woods

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