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Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
>Hoist Plump up so she can grab the object
"Alrighty Plump." You say, carefully kneeling down. "Get on." She climbs atop of your shoulders, extending both of your reaches by quite a bit. As you carefully get up, as to make sure she doesn't fall, she takes swipes at the object atop the tree with her trusty bone. As you and her try to keep balance to collect said object, you hear another ghostly giggle.

Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
>Keep Dusk Balls ready
You carefully carry a Dusk Ball in your hand, finding it all the more difficult to do this while balancing your childhood companion. You hear the laughter behind you and you try to turn about, barely keeping your balance as the Mismagious looks at you with a playful grin on her face.
She extends a ghostly hand, as if to push you. "No." You tell her. She looks puzzled. "No." You repeat, hoping she'll actually listen to you. Plump makes one last, hard swipe, knocking the object down, but throwing your balance out of wack. The Mismagious only had to tap you to knock you and your dear friend down atop each-other. The item falls out of the tree next to you, revealing itself to be a useless rock.
Honestly, if you knew this is what you were facing, you'd have prefered the Serial Killer.
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