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    Originally Posted by hackstar View Post
    oh!!!then what will happen if i incase dont follow part 2.5
    If you can avoid it, don't expand over 240. I have to rework everything so that the Dynamic OWs used in the Trainer Tower and the Union Room don't have problems. What was addressed in Part 2.5 will soon have to worked into FR for similar issues but in different areas, when I find the time.

    edit: I am in the proccess of redoing Part 2 and 2.5 in an effort to completely prevent any problems with the dynamic OWs. I just need to finish porting the routine to FR. What could really help me is a list of maps in Ruby, Emerald, and FR that have OWs which use sprites 240+ as these will be dynamic.


    Updated! I redid most of Part 2 to flow better into 2.5 and added a section for FR and a list of possible locations for dynamic OWs in all of the games. I also posted an updated A-Map Ini to support FR.

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