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Sensei Marek
Seasalt Cave

Marek understood perfectly. Sometimes, a Pokemon may feel it necessary to have some physical proof of their skills. After all, what were the belts hanging above his bed for? While the true proof of leadership lay within an individual, there were few who were experienced enough to recognize this. Therefore, physical proof was also needed. Marek respected the tradition of the Crossblade Crew as much as he respected the traditions of his own dojo, so he would not try to deter Sareli Meliot from obtaining the coveted hat. Quite the contrary, he would do his best to help her find it. Still, he said nothing. He took the remark about promoting him to First Mate as a compliment, and couldn't help smiling a bit when he heard it. Despite everything, it was nice to know he was appreciated. "Well, Marek? You coming?" Sareli chuckled, and it snapped the Throh out of his trance. Letting his train of thought go, he began to walk behind the Delcatty at a leisurely pace, even though she herself was running far ahead.

While in Atarip Town, Sensei decided to pay a visit to the bank. He'd collected quite a bit of money during his previous venture, and didn't plan on losing it all to a lowly Scyther in Seasalt Cave, though he doubted he would. Still, he took a stop at the bank just to be safe. He was greeted by a friendly-looking Alakazam with a grin plastered upon his face. "Yes?" he said simply. "I'd like to deposit 1500 Poke, please," Marek requested. The Alakazam then suddenly teleported away, but came back as soon as he left with a big, grey sack. The sack was already filled with Marek's previous deposits: some items and one thousand Poke. "Please make the deposit." Marek reached into his bag and retracted a handful of golden Poke, then put it in the bag. He reached into his own bag again, and shoveled two more handfuls of coins into the bag. "Thank you," said the Alakazam with a smile, and off he went.

By now, Marek guessed he'd have lost track of Sareli, so instead of running after her, he decided to get to Seasalt Cave and see if she had waited for him there. The cave itself wasn't that large after all, so it shouldn't be too hard. However, it was a Mystery Dungeon, and it changed all the time, so the Sensei had to be on his guard. While following the path that the shoreline itself constituted of, he listened to the relaxing sounds of the waves and the Wingull once more. The thought reminded him of something he had heard long ago, when he was but a child.

A Sensei is like the water; he is patient, he is flexible, and in the end, he always triumphs.

It had taken Marek years to come to realize what this really meant. At first, the Throh had thought that 'triumph' meant he would always defeat his foes, but this was not so. It meant that he would always overcome any obstacle life had set before him. The single sentence gave Sensei the will to go on each day, knowing that if he was patient enough, he would eventually overcome the obstacle that was his banishment from the dojo.

Seasalt Cave was within eyesight, and with it, two Pokemon: a Delcatty and a Ninjask. The Ninjask seemed to be attacking Sareli Meliot, but was easily taken out by her. Seeing how quickly the Pokemon was defeated already gave Marek an idea of the difficulty of this task. Though the Scyther would be stronger than the wild Pokemon here and there, he would've only fled to a place where he could fight off the wild Pokemon easily. If he chose this place, that meant that he could barely handle other places, which meant that he, too, must be relatively weak. If he was stronger, he wouldn't have hidden so close to the Crossblade Base. Or perhaps he was simply stupid? Either way, they were about to find out.

"Sareli. Sorry to keep you waiting," Marek said calmly. "Are you ready? Let's go." With that, he was off into the cave, expecting Sareli to stride ahead of him and lead on. The cave was large enough to echo the Throh's footsteps, but it was small compared to, say, the caves found in Sludge Mountain. If one looked to the ceiling, they would find various stalactites hanging, seemingly ready to spear anyone who would dare pass underneath them. From the points of the stalactites fell little droplets of water which fell to the ground with a small 'plop.' The falling of the droplets seemed almost simultaneous, which amplified the sound, and all of it together sounded like a leaky faucet.

"Yo," a voice came from behind Marek. He turned quickly to find a Poliwhirl behind him. The Water-type's eyes shone red with hatred. "Get the hell out of my cave, or else," he threatened. Marek walked closer to the Poliwhirl to examine him. First of all, the Throh really wasn't expecting an evolved Pokemon in the cave, even if it was only in its second form. Thinking back, the Ninjask had been a foreshadow of this also. Pokemon were getting stronger. Secondly, the eyes that glared at him were, which was hardly the correct eye color for such a Pokemon. Without warning, the Poliwhirl charged at him, readying a Bubblebeam. Marek waited for the Pokemon to get close enough. The Bubblebeam was released, and Marek was able to dodge some of the bubbles, others impacting with his rough skin. Each bubble, upon impact, stung like a needle piercing the skin, but only for a moment. Marek resisted the pain, and then lunged at the Poliwhirl with a simple punch. The Poliwhirl dodged, and, as Marek had expected, slid to the right. Taking his chance, Marek followed with a side kick straight to the Pokemon's rather large, target-like stomach, and sent him flying at the wall of the cave. The poor Pokemon tried to get up, but was unable to, and fainted.

"Did you see his eyes?" Marek asked somewhat bewildered. "Unlike anything I've seen before, especially on a Poliwhirl..."
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