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    The Commanders of the Brute Breakers
    Brutis was panting by the time they reached the entrance of the canyon. I'm getting to old for all of these adventures. He looked to the rest of his team. They all seemed well, except for Cal. The young Rhyhorn was just as sad as Brutis, perhaps even sadder. He would make sure to take him under his wing. "Alright, men. We're here." Hendrick nodded and moved to the middle of the line. It would be imperative to protect him. Boulder took the rear, Jerome took the front, Cal stood behind Hendrick, and Brutis stood in front of him. "Let's be careful, guys. This may seem like a tedious quest, but we have to be car-" Before he could finish his warning, several Sandslashes popped up on all sides, numbering up to ten. "Arceus Dammit." He swore and the four free pokemon took up defensive stances.

    As they neared the Deep Ferrum Woods, Bruce ordered for a halt. There would be no turning back from here. Fearsome pokemon lived here. "Be careful here, men." Technically he and Axel were the only men, but Jen and Faber were just as tough as any guy. "It'll be uphill from here, and those damned Sneakers are here too." The Stealthy Sneakers were fearsome opponents, if the tales were true, but they used cheap tricks and dirty traps. There would be no telling of what could be in there. Bruce strode into the first twenty feet of the forest to make sure that it was clear. When he was positive it was, he called the rest of the team in. They began to march through the dark forest with the upmost-care. They watched the ground, the trees, and the sky. There would be no sneaking up on them.

    Jen called out, "We have opponents coming from all directions. It feels like they're all Beedrills." Beedrills weren't necessarily great warriors, but they were relentless and they came in great numbers. GREAT numbers.

    Tidal Fist and the others were having a grand old time going to Steel Chasm. They were cracking jokes, issuing challenges, and telling stories. Tidal loved traveling with the younger members of the Breakers. He liked to see their faces, lit with the hunger for glory and power. He loved to listen to them tell tales of the olden days. He loved to tell them stories of his own adventures when he was a young Makuhita. They all seemed so interested and awed... It would be a shame that they would evolve, grow up, and realize that everything isn't a game. ", and then the young lass threw herself at my feet." He let out a loud, thunderous guffaw. He was telling the younglings about his adventure with a Woodland Wanderer commander a long time ago. He was almost as old as Bruce.

    They neared the chasm and noticed how it dropped so steeply. It would take a while to climb down. "Let's be careful here." They began to scramble down the cliff until they reached the bottom, without a mishap. "Let's be careful here...again. Everything will get harder." They moved forwards until their path was blocked by a huge stone. "Stand back, children. I got this." Tidal Fist moved forwards and lifted the rock....except it moved. An Onix flicked its tail, sending Tidal Fist flying across the chamber. "GET HIM BOYS!"
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