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Sensei Marek
Seasalt Cave

Sensei watched as Sareli was attacked by the Wartortle. He prepared himself to go and help, but before he could, the fight had gone further into the cave. Sensing that Sareli wanted to finish the insolent little Pokemon off herself, he crossed his arms and watched. The combination of moves she used were interesting, though he wouldn't have used something as random as Assist. Still, her fighting style was very different from his, and he had to respect that. After the fight was done, Marek walked closer to the fallen Wartortle. "Marek, follow me," Sareli ordered. "Hang on one second," he said, kneeling down to look into the unconscious Pokemon's face. Carefully, he parted the turtle's eyelids with his fingers, and, as expected, another red, hate-filled eye glared at him. Shocked that the Pokemon could have so much anger pent up even while asleep, Marek pulled back and quickly began trailing after the captain.

For a while, there was only the sound of the water droplets impacting with the puddles beneath them. As the two Pokemon advanced, the sound of the droplets became much more frequent and loud, as if the leaky faucet that was this cave could hardly handle the pressure of the water any longer. Sensei took advantage of the quiet, and began to enter a semi-meditative state, in which half of his conscious mind was focusing on following Sareli Meliot, and the other half was swimming in the vast pool of knowledge that was his subconscious.

In his meditative state, Marek reflected on the events that had just come to pass. Red eyes...these were not normal. Perhaps they had something to do with the increased amounts of 'bad' Pokemon roaming Mystery Dungeons of late. The sheer hatred radiating from those eyes was so great that it almost had a physical presence. Almost...was this the work of some otherworldly being? One focused on hate? Marek was only guessing, but just to be sure, he searched through the information in his mind. The species of Gengar was known to cause mischief such as this, but if the red eyes were connected to the amount of bad Pokemon popping up, then it would take an unfathomable number of Gengar to pull it all off. Instead, Marek searched for memories of old legends he'd heard. Giratina, Palkia, Dialga...Arceus...Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf...Manaphy, Phione...all these legends bounced around in his brain as he searched for the most likely one to be causing all this, until his subconscious found the perfect culprit: the Pitch-Black Pokemon Darkrai. Darkrai was said to be a Pokemon that caused endless nightmares, and it used this ability to manipulate Pokemon all over the land. Was it possible that Darkrai was using his powers to put these Pokemon in a nightmare in which the believe that everyone is their enemy? The idea seemed so far-fetched that Marek didn't even want to think about it, so he just set it aside and kept it to himself, for now.
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