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Lucy - Outskirts of Jubilife
Lucy just sort of stopped for a breather and almost impulsively attempted to open her stomach-mouth and let Kotowa out, only for it to occur to her that she was currently tapping into the power of her audino spirit, and thus could do no such thing--He was trapped inside her until she switced spirits again, which she was decidedly too lazy to go out of her way to do right now. This was decidedly influenced by the fact that she as getting a very interesting sensation from within her at the moment. Even through her stomach, her sensitive ears were picking up some of the more subtle feelings of the boy within her. She really couldn't get enough of these ears--This was the sort of info she was simply too apathetic to pry out of people normally, now at her fingertips and convenience.

Looking ahead, she noticed that Amethyst was... slowing down. Thus, Lucy too allowed herself to slow down, if only for her own sake and for the sake of Kotowa, who no doubt didn't entirely appreciate being bounced around quite so much when she tried to sprint. That being said, she did keep a very wary eye on what was going on in front of her. She took this opportunity to reach down and press her hands against her stomach, providing Kotowa with some outside stimuli in an attempt to let him know it was him she was talking to. "Hey... I can tell you're really upset," she said in a very gentle, even friendly tone. "I promise I'm not going to hurt you--Nothing will, while you're i there." she continued, a bit of humor in her voice at that last part, though it quickly vanished. "You're safe, alright? You're safe..." she finished, giving him her best attempt at being supportive. One had to wonder why she didn't just let him out if she had no intention of hurting him—but the real question was, would he ask her to?

She continued to close the distance between herself and the group of girls ahead, so distracted she remained entirely unaware of Ignis, Fulgur, Bay, and other such people who hadn't made their presence known to her yet. Her eyes mostly rested on Amethyst, only occasionally glancing down at her mid-section in thought.

Hailey and Arcea
Outskirts of Jubilife
Hailey just sort of... abruptly adopted this very sick grin on her face; the sort of grin that under no circumstance indicated happiness. It was a false grin, and her hand trembled slighly. The next words that escaped her mouth were seemigly entirely gibberish in a rather angry toe, as if what Amethyst had done had rocked her world just slightly too hard and tipped her over the edge into complete madness. Her eyes were a sea of rage and pain, perhaps even a hint of betrayal. However, her grin soon faded as she proceeded to straight up turn her back on the two girls she'd dragged towards her, hiding her face from view.

"...You come here... possessing the body of a human. How unlike you--It violates the spirit of Arceus' will, you know," she said in mild warning. "Why have you come searching for me? This world holds only pain, suffering, and death for you." She said it in a tone that actually suggested she was at least mildly upset by the other pokéspirit's presence, perhaps wishing to have been able to save her from such fates? Meanwhile, Arcea just sort of folded her arms and watched Hailey from nearby, observing the other girl's facial expression with mild frustration.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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