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Justin Evans - London Atlantean Relief Centre, England

Things had been so much easier back in Egypt, but since then, Justin still hadn't been in a situation like this, and as such, new little of what to do. Neither of them could do much in the conditions they were in at the moment. Moving Charlie in her condition would mean more blood loss, no matter how much her ability could heal her, while he on the other hand could barely make it without spasms of pain ripping up through his spinal chord.

"Charlie, you took my wound, could you give it back to me? I know you can heal at a faster rate, but I still have a few tricks up my sleeve." He outstretched his hands, hoping that Charlie would be able to give him his wound back. Even in his head, his reasoning sounded incredibly childish; but it was their only way of getting help.

"Trust me, Charlie, I know what I'm doing." In theory, he knew what he had to do, but never before had he sustained such a wound like this before. Regardless, if it relieved the pressure on Charlie to perform, then it might just save the both of them.
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