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|Kinder| → Route 31

The black clouds were billowing high into the sky, and it almost felt like it was getting hotter. Gaebora was becoming a bit uneasy as they continued to walk towards where Dark Cave's entrance always was on Route 31. It was clear what the problem was as the approached closer: A wall of flames was blocking the path towards Violet City. There were trainers trying to use their water Pokémon to put out the flames, but it was to no avail. Nothing was putting the flames down, even with their combined efforts.

Geoff didn't want to get too close yet. He knew he needed to continue forward, but he didn't want to risk his Pokémon or his own life. It was a rare selfish moment for Geoff, but when it was a life or death situation he wasn't in the same mindset of putting everyone before himself. He'd contribute if they couldn't get it down, but until then he was willing to take a step back.

There were trainers gathered outside of what appeared to be Dark Cave as well. For what Geoff could figure out, it appeared there was a glitch in the game with the cave. Traditionally you would need flash to travel over to Route 46, but players are getting through easily right now, as the cave doesn't seem to be dark, nor is there anything blocking the way that would require Strength to move. Geoff didn't like this, but it was only a minor thing that might be nothing but helpful for him.

Then it hit. It felt like an earthquake. Something was up, and Geoff knew it. Gaebora wasn't feeling happy either. Geoff returned him to his Pokéball, so if something was happening at least he would be safe in there. Geoff turned around to see girl who looked like she had been knocked off her balace from the tremor. Heck, it even looked like the tremor had it's epicenter right at her feet. She was of medium height, and had white and red hair. Strange hair colors, but hey, it WAS a Pokémon game.

The last thing that Geoff expected happened though: something crawled out from the ground that the tremor caused. Definitely not something that would normally occur in a Pokémon game. It was weird though, as Geoff could recognize what was emerging: it had a metallic appearance, and it was shades of gray. It had seven red dots for a face, as well as semi-skinny arms, but a very dense and sturdy body.

Geoff approached the scene, to at least try to help out the mystery trainer. It was clear she wasn't an NPC from her reactions. The only thing going through Geoff's head though, was not one of trying to be helpful. All he could think of was why a Registeel would be in Johto, and why was it even programmed into this part of the game? Something wasn't right.