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    Forced to teach a useless move like Cut on Gible? That is ridiculously frustrating... why?
    Edit: Its a nice hack. The story line is pretty good, but its not for me. When Gen 4/5 pokemon are used in these hacks i prefer that everything is accurate to how they are in those generations. Gible doesnt learn dragon rage at 7, doesnt evolve at 24. The fact that it takes so long for you to be able to catch pokemon is a annoying as well. The pokemarts are too far away, as are the healing points. You cant buy pokeballs for a long time. Just a few things I found frustrating in the game.

    I think you tried to do too much at once and it got complicated. I know making a hack is not easy and it requires a lot of work. Maybe try to keep it a little bit simple. Dont try to add too much at once. Have a core story and set of maps with reasonable healing points and access to pokeballs early and I think it will be a much more enjoyable game.

    Im not trying to be mean, sorry if it seems that way, im just giving my opinion and advice. Thank you for actually taking the time to make the hack.

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