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Oh this show! So far for the British version, I've only seen the first two episodes of season five and the first episode of season one. Even though I haven't seen too much, it's a really interesting show! I like how it isn't stereotypical vampire/werewolf etc, and I like the characters a lot, especially Alex who I think is really interesting. I found it a little confusing at first since I jumped into the show in the last season, so of course there were some things that tied over, but as of the second episode I think I have almost the complete gist of what's going on! Gotta say, the "Captain" is freaking creepy and I dislike him and I want him to go away. :( But that's to be expected since he seems to be the main antagonist at this point!

As for the American version, I really love it. It always finds new ways to surprise me, especially in the current season where things started off and have continued to be kind of crazy haha! I think the characters in the US version are really awesome as well, and Sally (the ghost of the show) is my favorite. I think this show does a really great job of developing characters, and the subplots are always really interesting!

Only read if you're up to date (on American):
AS I WAS SAYING ABOUT THINGS BEING CRAZY - Omg Sally is a zombie :O BUT NOT ONLY THAT SHE WANTS TO EAT PEOPLE. It's making me really excited for the next episode, as we know she isn't great with temptation from season two, (with the possessing) although she seems to be doing a pretty good job holding out! That moment where she got those crazy eyes and started going for that kid's pet fish bwahaha! As for Aidan, I'm pretttty sure Nora is gonna stake him or something next episode, since he told the other vampires about the cure, and that led to Pete being attacked. He also needs to stop killing people in his sleep. :P As for Josh, I wonder what he'll do in response to Pete!? And I think the next episode sumary said something about He and Nora going to find Donna the witch for some reason? I hope she doesn't eat them or something like she did to all the ghosties! D:
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