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    Episode N 006/BW Season 2 030/BW 114

    Satoshi-tachi run into N while he is rescuing a Wargle from Team Plasma. They inevitably assist him.

    21 February 2013 [Japan]

    my commentary
    -first off, i s2g i made this thread already omg what even??? maybe i was just talking to tumblr but i distinctly remember putting "wow this looks dramatic i can't wait for subs". w/e i've got subs now here we go
    - oh time out again yeah i WAS just talking to tumblr ok yep that's solved now
    - and this was the episode where i caught up to broadcast holy crap it's been a month already wow
    - I dislike Plasma generally because Plasma but these two grunts... they've got some personality haha. And Habunake and Zangoose! :D
    - guys you know how to camp and you have your gear why did you decide to press on to the Pokémon Centre when it's clearly been dark for a while?? and you haven't even eaten? even if you're out of food it's not like Iris is incapable of finding berries or anything geez
    - wow ok I really like how N is oblivious to injuries- not because they don't hurt, but because other things are more important. he's ridiculously selfless
    - N is waxing philosophical to three strange children again
    - although, although, I would like to see more of what he's talking about. Pokémon creating and using their abilities in different ways. but battles- at least training battles- are good for Pokémon. it's exercise and hones their skills in multiple ways and helps them release energy. a lot of the time, battle is play.
    - oh my god N is a cutie though! when he said he didn't like battles and Satoshi got kind of sad and N got a bit flustered and was like "oh oh but you guys work well with Pokémon it's fine, it's fine!"
    - how does nobody notice the tracker on Wargle are you people blind
    - the short-haired grunt reminds me of Joseph from BA hahaha
    - I really like how anime!N tries to do what's right by his ideals but can also see things from another point of view and doesn't force other people to convert, just explains his reasoning
    - N went into shock witnessing a battle for a while there
    - N IS JUST CONSTANTLY ADORABLE THOUGH oh him being taken aback by the kids worrying about his injuries and being slightly awkward awwwww
    - AND EVERYTHING ABOUT THE ENDING WAS ADORABLE. I love that N wants to explore how other humans think and feel and how he's excited to have human friends and aaaah so cute

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