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    Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
    The lack of a 6th gen rep makes me feel suspicious about this rumor. Perhaps TPCi will have to intervene with Sakurai's development by requesting him to add a 6th gen rep, possibly Sylveon, like they did with Lucario to promote Gen IV. Further more, 3 reps is too few for one of Nintendo's best-selling franchises.
    It would depend on release. If its a good while after Gen 6 is released, then we may have a Gen 6 Rep. The rumor was from 2012. Gen 6 has only been known for 3 months. I don't think Sakurai would have had previous knowledge not being part of the TPCi team. That info stays within the parent company so SSB team wouldn't have known in 2012 of the next Pokemon game series.

    Strange, didn't Sakurai said that there will be less new characters this time around because he wants to focus on rebalancing the current character roster? That contradicts the rumor of having more than 50 characters, which makes sense on why he says this because one of my research also showed that the there is a 10 digit pattern for each title. 64 has 12, Melee has 25, and Brawl has 35, so Sakurai wants to add less new characters to adds SSB4's roster up to around 40 (about 43-45 characters to be exact).
    Smash had 12, Melee has 26, Brawl had 37. Sakurai said that he was originally going to add Capcom fighters to the game, but didn't know how to translate them to a different fighting game's mechanics. Its been an on and off thing. I also don't see any reports about him saying he plans to lower the amount of characters. Only reports I've seen is him playing tennis with the idea of including Capcom characters. His biggest concern against is just adding Non-Nintendo characters "willy-nilly" to him takes away from the story.

    I'm doing basic google searches but really most info seems to come from a hardly credible source. And its basically says what I posted.

    Everything else comes up with rumors or is just completely dry.
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