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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard - History/Mythology Class

    Lucia had already taken out her notebook and appropriate pencils. Yes, she had to put on a good first impression. In fact, a good grade usually included what the teacher's personal opinion of a student was. Though... her luck changed for the worst as Brian came in. She could feel her body tense up at his presence. This would NOT be good. Not good at all. Out of all the students in the school that were squeezed into a classroom HE had to be in here!? Okay... no need to panic Lucia. No need, just take in deep calming breaths. All she had to do was focus on the teacher and on the board. No matter what Brian did or said she would NOT get angry. She couldn't afford it.

    Roberto of course returned the glare the Eevee gave him, even moving a claw along his throat to make sure the little furball got the message. Yes, that Eevee tried to fight he would make sure to knock him out, that would teach the youngster some manners. Though, he would wait for the Eevee to attack first, it wouldn't look good to go ahead and punch him.
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