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Yay! I'm glad to see so much enthusiasm and some usernames I don't know! I mean I love y'all that I do know but new people are exciting too. ^^; And yeah don't even worry about just popping in and out or missing some or even opting out because you hate certain eps. This club's designed just so that won't be problematic at all. :D

Oh and I've watched the episode again and come back with some discussion topics! If you want to use them go ahead, but don't feel obligated. :>

- What do you think/how do you feel about Chili's behaviour in this episode? How justifiable were his actions?
- How necessary did you think Iris' flashback/exposition piece was?
- What do you think was the most important piece of advice Cilan gave to Chili?
- Were you as irritated by Cilan's tasting as Necrum was?
01:24:44: <Necrum> Oh my god, why is he a chef
01:24:55: <anna> he kind of is
01:25:00: <Necrum> He's embarrassing
01:25:02: <Necrum> Me
01:25:05: <anna> but that's not what they're actually going for
01:25:15: <anna> they're going for a sommelier- a wine taster
01:25:40: <Necrum> He just described flavor like you would gormet food
01:25:54: <Necrum> As a chef
01:25:55: <anna> or a fine wine
01:26:00: <anna> as a sommelier
01:26:05: <Necrum> Shush
01:26:18: <Necrum> It's still making me face palm

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