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Agh, I forgot how much I disliked the first opening of Best Wishes. Having to watch it again really takes me back to the earlier days of BW and reminds me of my inner complaints about how long this opening was dragged on.

- What do you think/how do you feel about Pod's behaviour in this episode? How justifiable were his actions?
He was really immature and full of himself; poor guy didn't realize that fighting opponents head-on wasn't the best (nor the only) way to battle. He was pretty childish towards the beginning but that's how his personality is I suppose! He still matured a lot by the end. :3

- How necessary did you think Iris' flashback/exposition piece was?
If you mean the explanation of the gym at the beginning, then I found it kind of pointless, but the target audience are younger kids and a handful of them probably weren't around for the first gym. Guess they felt it was necessary to explain?

- What do you think was the most important piece of advice Cilan gave to Chili?
I liked how Cilan suggested to master Chili's current battling style rather than focus on the defensive! Doubt he could have made use of many defensive moves given his personality.

- Were you as irritated by Cilan's tasting as Necrum was?
His habit of relating things to food? Nope, I've been following this series since day one and have long since gotten used to it lmao. D:

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