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    This topic may have been posted before, and it may have been discussed to death, but I really wanted to get this off my chest.
    Let me start off by saying that I have played and beaten every single Pokemon games except for the spin-offs and D/P/Pt (and from what I've been hearing, I'm not missing much). These games were my childhood and I still play them to this day (spent my whole spring break with these games last week). I love Pokemon and I still regard it as my favorite video game franchise, and talking about these games is something I very much enjoy doing. With that said, however, differing opinions are inevitable with much discussion. Most people hold a single gen true to them, and the most praise I have heard was for Generation 2. Now, I agree that this generation is amazing and has many qualities that could make it on someone's top list, but does it truly deserve the praise it gets, even to this day? Personally, I find it to be overrated and here's why:
    -While G/S/C were huge games, Johto by itself is very small and, quite honestly, pretty bland. The addition of Kanto was nice, but the extremely dumbed down version of it is really a turn-off. While HG/SS fixed this a bit, it still wasn't enough to satisfy.
    -The elite four has to be the least interesting out of all the Pokemon games so far. The Pokemon are not really that tough, sporting lower levels. Lance being the champion is kind of underwhelming when he wasn't the champion in the previous game.
    -Victory road is also forgettable (except for its music) as it's completely empty, bar the rival fight at the end.
    -The stones are a pain to get as you cannot buy them or find them as pickup items. You need to wait for trainers to give you a call or participate in the Pokeathalon (2500 points!!! and that too only on certain days). So if you want a Vaporeon/Flareon/Jolteon, etc, you would have to wait for a call (which could never happen).
    -Lack of fire and grass types (I don't count the addition of the 4th gen evolutions in the remakes).
    -There really was no story, either. Team Rocket were still quite boring, in my opinion.
    -Ho-oh and Lugia didn't really do anything in terms of the story. While they were mentioned, their overall presence had little to no relevance to the actual story of the game. They're just there, and while HG/SS tried to make them more integrated (as in, required to catch/KO them in order to progress), their roles still did not play a big part. Legendaries should have a pretty big impact on the story itself, I think.
    -The music is really good, but generation 3's and 5's really outclasses it, even with HGSS remakes (which I thought were not as good as their 8-bit tunes)
    -No safari zone! Why not? While HG/SS had one, it wasn't nearly as interesting as Hoenn's or Kanto's.

    While this thread may seem as if it's only related to Generation 2, it also applies to the others. What, in your opinion, is the most overrated generation of Pokemon, and why do you think this? For me, obviously, it's generation 2. And overrated, keep in mind, does not mean "bad" at all. I love gen 2 and its remakes, but there are many flaws that just make me question why it's so highly praised. Please, post away.

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