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    Actually, Gen 2 did bring about a fire Pokemon that everyone thought came from gen 3, Slugma and Magcargo. These guys were found in Mt. Silver.

    And what about Magbi. he was a fire type.

    And the skiploom family? did you forget those grass types? What about Sunkern and Sunflora? Or Bellossom?

    And while Johto may have been a small region by itself, you have to admit that the cities themselves were full of a lot of things and most tended to make you retrace your steps to go back a lot. Goldenrod had the Department store and the Gambling corner, and the Tower, and team Rocket's head quarters

    But Team Rocket also had their head quarters in the Ice Gym.

    And in order to challenge the Steel Gym you had to fight the Fighting gym first, which meant you had to track through the lighthouse twice in order to do challenge her.

    And there was some nice mythology going on with the Burned(Bronze) Tower, Tin Tower thing with the incredibly complex maze to get to either of the legendaries. And the nice time-travel subplot brought in during Crystal about Silver, who is my favorite Rival out of them all anyway.

    Not to mention the huge Edo-Japan theme they used for Johto, which was one of the reasons I fell in love with the culture in the first place.

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