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    wow whoops I'm so horribly inconsistent when typing character names I actually meant to do all English this time ;; difficult when I watch subbed lmao

    Tooootally going to agree about Best Wishes' opening, bleah. Love the song, hate the animation. Well actually I don't know what version you watched but tbh that applies to both for me haha.

    A few other things: Ash was absolutely adorable as a referee omg. Pansear and Pansage have a cute relationship. I liked the brotherly bonds we got to see. Poor Cress though- left all alone at the gym without a word from anyone. And it'll be a good month at least till Chili's back [seeing as how the Deerling have changed from spring to summer in the meantime].

    Oh hey Cirno- and anyone else that's been mostly keeping up with the series- have you seen Cilan change and learn during his travels like he says he has been? Cause it's not like we've had too many Cilan-centric episodes... have you noticed his style shifting or similar?


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