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Kilik Chambers - Cafeteria

This girl was barely even paying attention to Kilik. All her focus is on that contraption of hers. How did she get accepted into this academy? Does she battle? Oh, wait. She might be part of Team Rocket...but that seems unlikely. Kilik was paying no attention to the girl's work, focusing more on his nutrients on the plate. Breakfast, to be exact. It then struck Kilik that he doesn't know his schedule for the day yet. As soon as he finishes his breakfast, he'll get right to it.

Pretty soon, the girl finished her contraption. Oddly enough, she stood on her seat & switched shoes. Her Pidgeotto sat inside her backpack, giving her the look of an angel. That's when she tapped her heels three times before hovering, hover skating around the table. How does this help in battle? She's either brainy, if not nuts. "Cool, yes." Kilik lied. Really, Kilik has no concerns with appearances or entrances in a battle. All trainers are different, however. This one... Is she even a trainer?

This checks out. She can't be part of Team Rocket. She's too cheery. Though looks can be deceiving. Perhaps Kilik should best keep an eye on her, just to be safe. He began eyeing the cafeteria again, looking for anyone suspicious. Their's that red-head student. Maybe. Their's a bob-haired boy. Maybe not. Their's a blond student without breakfast, let alone plate. That's rather odd...

Without looking at the girl next to him, he stood up from the table & grabbed his plate. "If you'll excuse me..." Kilik said, leaving it at that as he walked towards the blond boy. Students usually get breakfast. Why not this one...?

"Mind if I sit here?" Kilik asked the student as he reached his destination. Time to interrogate this suspect.

ShinyDiamond: The sad part is, Kilik never got that brainy girl's name.

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