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    Tell you what, all these Gymless towns are etched to the fond memories of our minds when we play this game. They give you breathing space, yeah, but more importantly it feels more like a region. Lilycove, for example, a first look will tell you it's the most important port of Hoenn, apart from a Department Store, Master Contest Hall and the museum. But to your surprise : No gym! Even the Safari Zone is there. This tells you they became architectural genii when they made this region. Even Petalburg doesn't open it's Gym until later; which means that it's also a phantom Gymless town.

    Most importantly, it elongates the journey, and also removes that feeling like "it's just a stupid GBA world where we have to go and battle gyms to gain power and brainlessly go along to beat the league, and then all the fun's gone." This was ensured by Team Aqua and Magma, and a first-time good storyline and CONTESTS. Yeah. Good enough to be pseudo-gyms.
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