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Originally Posted by vapes View Post
It's fine. I love discussion, even if my own favorite generations are being scrutinized and ridiculed

Lance's dragons can all be beaten by an ice/water type (Lapras for example), which, for a champion, is quite underwhelming. Wallace also suffered from this but his Pokemon were higher leveled.
Doesn't every gym leader/E4/Champion (except Cynthia) have this problem? You could basically go through each person with 1 high leveled pokemon and destroy them. Having Lance use dragons was always the hardest part of the main story (well, except for Clair and her Kingdra).

Originally Posted by vapes
The "Walk of Awesome" before the Elite Four makes the victory road cave pointless, though. What's the point of the empty cave if all the trainers are already fought? I always just felt that it was unneeded
While I also think it isn't the most necessary thing, it kind of gives certain Pokemon (like grass types or psychics types) the chance to quickly level up.

Originally Posted by vapes
My point with the fire and grass types was the addition of new ones. And even if you include the older ones, only growlithe, vulpix, flareon, and magbi/magmar are available in the earlier and main story of the game to catch (if you did not choose cyndaquil). Three of those require fire stones which are annoying to get, and magmar doesn't have the greatest movepool. Ponyta and Rapidash are only at the very end of the main story in victory road.
While I do agree with you on the lack of fire Pokemon (and need for fire stones), I always thought they made it harder to get the stones so you would have to buy more Pokemon products and use mystery gift (since you can get the stones from it) or level the crap out of the vulpix/growlithe you get for the attacks and then show it to bill's grandfather to evolve them.

Originally Posted by vapes
Except each storyline has its unique elements that make them interesting. R/S/E sport two organizations, one that wants to expand the land, and one that wants to expand the sea, making their plans threatening to the region. BW/BW2: liberation of Pokemon from trainers and taking control of Kyurem to freeze the land of Unova, respectively. Again, threatening the world, making defeating them to be more satisfactory. Team Rocket just don't do much, and I never understood why people liked them so much.
People like them?

But in all seriousness, gen 2 games are suppose to be a continuation of the first ones so it does make sense for team rocket to try and get their boss back (once again with the package deal). Remember what their need was for the first game? Use Pokemon to take over the world. It's the most cliche things an evil organization can do and each game seems to basically do the same thing but with in a different flavor.
Team Magma/Aqua: Use Pokemon to make the land/sea expand (actually, this is kind of a dumb reason). They didn't really seem to think past that but I'm assuming they would take over the world since they have control over an ancient Pokemon that is causing this.
Team Galactic: Use Pokemon to destroy the current world and make another one based on the views of a depressed misanthropic man who would basically control how to the world was (or everyone would become mindless zombies, which is equally terrifying).
Team Plasma: Make everyone get rid of their Pokemon (by using Pokemon, which is ironic). In N's view, it is to get rid of mankind (or at least push them back) so Pokemon can live without worry. In the actual mastermind's plan, it is to make him the only trainer and the ruler of the world.

So, they all basically come back to ruling the world but each have a different way of doing it.

Originally Posted by vapes
Yes, but there should have been an alternative to the safari zone. Taking it out completely isn't the best idea, I believe.
Some things have to be removed for a storyline, I guess? Also, I thought the alternative was suppose to be the bug catching contest.

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