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Originally Posted by Archeops12354 View Post
I was thinking of a dragon type move called Dragon Chant, it is like a special version of dragon dance - increases special attack and speed by one stage. Hydreigon and Latios would pwn if they could learn this move, dragon chant + draco meteor = You're screwed.
I don't even think they would need it, really. :x Seems like it would be OP'ing dragons that were already OP to begin with! I mean, think about it. Latios/Hydreigon with either Expert Belt or Life Orb with Dragon Chant, that'd be too insane. x_x;

If there was any move I could think of, it'd probably be a Water Physical version of Icicle Crash. The more I think about it, Icicle Crash itself is like an ice version of double-edge, so I think Water-types should have that same option to have that move, too.

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