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Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
Is it just me, or do Lucario and Chatot both have horrible movepools? Lucario still hasn't learned any decent Fighting moves beyond Reversal (which itself works best near death), and Chatot's only Flying move is Mirror Move. I know these are both Gen. IV imports, but really...they don't have much to work with for being imported. I still have Quick Attack (all right, somewhat OK), Foresight (...?), and Counter (groan) on Lucario. Not liking the idea that I might be FORCED to use TMs, would rather use another Fighting type (Scrafty has a good movepool by comparison).

EDIT: FINALLY learned Cross Chop at Lv.49. Only 5 PP however. Man, Lucario is not easy to train in this hack.

Lucario is perfect TM abuser =D He should go for Psychic, Shadow Ball, Ice Smash, Swords Dance which beside SD are TMs =D
His movepool was never that good anyways... Only Swords Dance works.
But yeah, there are people who change his movepool (like me) so we may do that...
Giving him elemental punches and Brick Break (Ice Smash) should improve his movepool a bit.
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