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1) The beach to the east. 2 votes

2) Route 121 to the west. 1 vote

3) The huge PokéMart mall to the north. 1 vote

> The beach.
You are a young, bleak girl and the least you'd want is to look like a vampire when you go out and meet people. Better get a tan going at the beach before you do anything else! Also, you're not sure if you know how to swim, so perhaps you should practice for a bit.

You go east and reach the beach, with Eevee following you happily. There are not many people here yet, only some earlybird surfers. You magically change into a bikini and decide to test the waters.

It's cold as ****. Still, you splash around a bit in an attempt to learn the art of swimming. Or at least staying afloat.

Suddenly, something brushes by your leg. Shrieking, you rush up on the beach, only to turn around and see a wild...

1) Frillish

2) Slugma

3) Latias

((Every choice I present to you will have its own path of story. Or at least its own way of tapping into the story.))

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