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I could go on for days talking about all of the ones I would get rid of. But the top 5 ones i would get rid of is; 5 chingling, there is no real point to this pokemon, it's moves are terrible and the stats are bad to. 4, pachirisu, this pokemon is basically a copy of a pikachu, also it's moves aren't nearly as good as picaku's. We don't need another over rated pokemon that everyone loves so much. 3, the whole kricketot family, what bug has a handle bar mustache and the only good move that kricketune can learn is x-scissor. 2, mime jr. and bonsly. why must the sinnoh region add an evolution to EVERY pokemon, these are just terrible pre- evolution forms. 1, happiny, why is he even here. All that you have to do is level up happiny one with an oval stone and he evolves into a useful Chansey. 1.5, phione, he is just a copy of manaphy. He doesn't show up in any of the manga, and I though he was at least the pre- evolution to manaphy but no, he is a totally different pokemon.

I honestly don't hate the sinnoh region, I just think that they made a lot of pointless evolutions. Some of my favorite pokemon are from the sinnoh region, like lucario.
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