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Therefore my reasoning for them being more likely again "pure" types:
But again, there has never been a main series Pokemon game in which the mascots have been "one or the other" when concerning whether they're single-typed or dual-typed. This meaning, there hasn't been a mascot which was single typed, and another one that was dual-typed. Either both of them were single-typed or double-typed.

Is it possible that they could break that tradition this generation? Very much so, but if you ask me, it's really doubtful. We can't really go with the theory that they're single typed, because Yveltal obviously has to be, in some shape or form, a flying type. But is it also Dark type, or Ghost? That we don't really know.

Xerneas doesn't look entirely like a grass-type, and instead looks something perhaps Ice/Steel, or something of that nature. Either way, it looks too vague to assume a single type out of it. o.o Though I see the only plausible one being Steel or Normal, but that is a far, far stretch.

..Though it'd be interesting, finally having a Normal mascot.

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