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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    Smash had 12, Melee has 26, Brawl had 37. Sakurai said that he was originally going to add Capcom fighters to the game, but didn't know how to translate them to a different fighting game's mechanics. Its been an on and off thing. I also don't see any reports about him saying he plans to lower the amount of characters. Only reports I've seen is him playing tennis with the idea of including Capcom characters. His biggest concern against is just adding Non-Nintendo characters "willy-nilly" to him takes away from the story.

    I'm doing basic google searches but really most info seems to come from a hardly credible source. And its basically says what I posted.

    Everything else comes up with rumors or is just completely dry.
    Here is one of the sources that talks about Sakurai planning not to add more characters in the roster:

    It's difficult to determine what he means, as many fans are making their own speculations on what he meant about adding less characters. Some say the roster will still be 35/37 with some being rumored and replaced by news, while others say it will be less new characters but still have the same 35/37 in the roster. Whichever speculation is true, then I hope neither of them affects the two "new Pokemon reps per title" pattern I've theorized.
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