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    Finished my SU

    Name: Sillerax Colossus
    Nickname: Fearbringer
    Team: The Crossblade Crew
    Title: the Treasure Hunter
    appearance:his skin color is gold, with a scar over his right eye.

    He’s a Stubborn, Hot headed, Charmeleon who’s always looking for any valuable thing around, (Gold, Silver, gems, etc.). he has a love of history and will also consider historical artifacts as valuable. he loves to learn about the past, to help him be a better person. He’s loyal to his friends, and works to do his part in the group

    His father was a Garchomp, while his mother was a Charizard. His father was an explorer and he enjoyed when his father would tell stories of his exploits in a variety of places and the things he discovered, the things that he enjoyed hearing the most about however was the treasure that was found. at the age of 18 his father took him on his first exploration trip. they had a blast, outsmarting traps, battling guardian pokemon, and finding the treasure. this first exploration lead to many others, he followed his father’s footsteps in a way of exploring, he also went along the path of being a treasure hunter. at the age of 23 he joined the Crossblades in an attempt to learn more about treasure hunting. He found a position in the group as the groups resident treasure hunting “expert”.
    Level: 25
    Moveset: Dragon Rage, Flamethrower,Thunder punch, Fire Blast, Rock Smash, Metal claw
    RP Sample:

    Sunlight filtered through the window in Sillerax’s room, the sound of the waves was off in the distance. Sillerax opened his eyes, sat up in his bed in the Crossblade Crew Headquarters. he got off of his bed, it was early morning, on his desk was a variety of maps of dungeons, some with markings on them about where there’s treasure, or some other location; others were blank. “Blast it...” he said to himself, “Captain Meliot wanted me to finish mapping out Sludge Mountain.” he smacked himself on the back of the head for not doing so. He decided to finish it up after he had a short breakfast. He left his room quickly, a pansage cook... a new one by the look of it brought out a small glass of Brine Brew for him. Sillerax thanked the pansage and asked for an Oran berry or two for his breakfast. the berries were brought straight out and were placed on a plate for him. he ate the berries quickly and drank the Brew, which had an interesting delectable taste. after that, he gave the empty plate and glass to the panpour, and ran quickly and quietly back to his room. He jumped onto his desk, took a look at the maps of the mountain and started working on them. his tools were a variety of navigational tools: a compass, straight edges, and the like. he mapped out a potential path and potential locations for treasures... that was the tricky part, mapping out treasure locations. in a few minutes he finished the maps.

    Sillerax grabbed the maps of Sludge mountain, and left his room, he quickly ran to the captain’s desk and placed the maps on top of it, in a neat and tidy order. Sillerax then left the captains desk. when he walked out of the room the Captain and Sensei were talking together. Sillerax simply sneaked past them, and went to the nearby beach for some time alone pondering.
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