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Gen 2 is extremely overrated. I played it when it came out right after gen 1, and it just felt a lot worse in comparison. I didn't like Johto that much and Kanto felt really empty.

On the other hand, I think gen 4 doesn't get nearly enough credit. I liked the slower feel of it, the awesome music, the cool places (Jubilife, Snowpoint, Battle/Fight/Resort Areas), and how obtaining Pokemon like Tangrowth and Mamoswine felt very exclusive to me (at the time) since you had to meet special criteria to get them, and they didn't even appear in the Pokedex until after. Plus, I liked how Sinnoh had a lot of "mysteries" like with Darkrai, Rotom, Giratina and Regigias that I thought were so cool because they were so mysterious, and I felt smart for catching them :P. I didn't like the gen 4 just because of the legendaries, but in the way they were presented.
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