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Zayne Alta

Zayne returned Aura as more of his students slowly began to poor into the class the most recent of which had asked the same constantly recurring question
"Is this practical battling?" but for some reason this student seemed to think he was late despite it still being nearly fifteen minutes until he would have to start the class.
"Yes this is practical battling, please take a seat. As for being late, there's nearly fifteen minutes until the class starts so don't worry about that".

Zayne's class at its full capacity would have a total of sixteen students, which worked out well because everyone would have a partner should an activity require battling.
Only two left Zayne mused inwardly, he was wondering whether he'd have a full class for his first lesson or not. He looked over the class to see more ore less what he expected, some of the aspiring trainers looked bored, others enthusiastic and a select few seemed irritated for their own various reasons. So far the class was shaping up to be more or less what he had expected.

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