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    Generation 5 seems to get it's share of undeserved praise. It's not even the assortment of Pokemon that gets the most undeserved praise. Although I certainly don't like a good number of the Pokemon in this generation, there were a few gems like the Joltik and Elgyem lines that I found to be enough to make up for the rest of them.

    Honestly, though, the reason this generation is overrated is the praise the "story" gets. I'm sorry, but the same old boring black-and-white (no pun intended) morality is never interesting, and, let's be honest, most of us play Pokemon for the experience of training a team of monsters to win in fights, not to get engrossed in the story. Just because the story is slightly more interesting than that of previous games (actually, in my opinion, Emerald had a more interesting story) doesn't mean that it's a good story.

    This leads me to my final reason the generation is overrated: N. This little turd gets all the fangirls to go insane, yet he really isn't a great character at all. He's just yet another one of those annoying emo hippie characters, and he even has an inanely long and ridiculous name to make him even more of a boring, cliche JRPG character.

    As for the order of overrated-ness:
    Gen. V> Gen. II> Gen. I> Gen. IV> Gen. III
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