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    Shawn Williams - Raikou Dorm - Cafeteria

    Shawn nodded and slowly stood up, allowing Kiki to take Cynder back from him. She apparently didn't want to talk about it. Did something go on between her and Andy? Where was he, anyways? Oh well, he probably had something else to do and probably had different classes, too. Looking back up to Kiki, he smiled, "Alright, let's get to our class." He slowly walked with Kiki out of the cafeteria, looking for their room.

    After a few minutes, they came up to the door. Shawn tried to open it, but it was still locked. Where was their teacher, Ashara? He turned to Kiki, shaking his head, "I guess no one's inside. We just have to wait out here." He spotted a bench across the hallway from the door of their classroom and sat down over there to wait. He scratched his head near his hairline, moving the bandage down a little. He quickly readjusted the bandage to where it was, waiting patiently for the day he can remove it.

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