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Gen 3-5 always seems to be hated on so I don't think thay are that overrated. Iwould say:

Gen 1> Gen 2> Gen 5> Gen 4> Gen 3
Very, very close to my order tbh. It used to be exactly this, but gen III got a lot more popular during gen V it seems, with the hopes of remakes and suddenly it went from being hated to being "omg let's go back to Hoenn I loved RSE so much!!"

Though, I'd also put gen II ahead of I since that seems to be where most older fans stopped playing.

This is what I think:

II > I > V > III > IV

Of course, that's just me. I feel like II is more overrated than I since like I said, that's where a lot of gamers left off before stopping the series, or stopping there and picking up in a later gen. It improved on gen I, which I think a lot more people liked and then you get to go back to Kanto, where the gen I games took place. So Gen II has a lot going for it in ways of being overrated.

I love gen II though, so don't throw rocks at me y'all, lol.

This leads me to my final reason the generation is overrated: N. This little turd gets all the fangirls to go insane, yet he really isn't a great character at all. He's just yet another one of those annoying emo hippie characters, and he even has an inanely long and ridiculous name to make him even more of a boring, cliche JRPG character.
I'm not gonna go over gen V rn, but I definitely agree with this and I'll also add that I think the plethora of characters we got in gen V lent a hand into it being overrated.

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