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    Chapter Two: Part Six
    Reach for Hope

    "I... I know..." She looked down for a moment, thinking her words carefully. "But I had to see you. I wanted to see that you were safe too... I missed you."

    Amy found herself in spirit form, watching her own body while Faith spoke. "Awww," she clasped her hands together quietly. It seemed like such a sweet scene.

    Faith hovered closer to Hailey, by about an inch or so. "But then, why did you leave? We could stick together and protect each other."

    Blade crossed his arms, back to the posture he normally has. "Something about this girl rubs me the wrong way..."

    "What do you mean?"Amy asked, confused. "She seems a bit gloomy, but pretty nice to me."

    "Sisters are like that. But I'm not sure how she'd act with just about anyone else, including you or me."

    "Oh... Well, what does that mean?"

    "It means we may have to leave her spirit here, with her sister. She's dangerous. I can feel it."

    "Oh..." Amy added quietly. She didn't want to see Faith leave.

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