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The Gray Pearls Party, part 2.

♦ Took on Gardenia in the gym, and won with some struggle. I had to rely on Garnet to take care of her, which took some time since it only had Tackle. When her final Pokémon Roserade was down, it grew a level and learned Confusion. What is life
♦ Raided the Galactic HQ pretty quickly, and then went Underground to get an Armor Fossil.
♦ After a really long time (why are they so hard to find?), I got one and went to the Oreburgh Museum, where it got turned into a Shieldon! Named it Niobium.
♦ Went to Hearthome City, training Niobium along the way. Defeated my rival as well.
♦ Continued to Solaceon, and went in the Lost Tower. While in there, Beryl evolved into Machoke!
♦ Made my way to Veilstone, and trained everyone to Lv 30 before taking on the gym. At Lv 30, Niobium evolved into Bastiodon!
♦ Swept the gym with Garnet's Psybeam and Beryl's Vital Throw. Maylene was no match at all.
♦ Helped Dawn with the Galactic Grunts at the Warehouse, and went down to Pastoria City.
♦ About to take on Crasher Wake.


Beryl the Machoke, Lv 35 (♀)
Item: Hard Stone
Low Kick, Rock Tomb, Focus Energy, Vital Throw

Garnet the Wormadam, Lv 35 (♀)
Item: Mind Plate
Psybeam, Tackle, Hidden Power, Razor Leaf

Niobium the Bastiodon, Lv 35 (♂)
Item: Quick Claw
Strength, AncientPower, Shock Wave, Iron Defense
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