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As many of you are probably aware, there are many sites that offer some type of gaming option to help engage users and give them something extra to do outside of what their usual purpose is for visiting the site. As an example, Facebook is a social networking site designed to help keep people connected; however, they have a gaming section which doesn't help in that area.

It's pretty obvious options like games on a non-gaming site are available to users as a way to add more reasons to visit the site and in effect engaging members for longer periods of time (more ad revenue of course). In the end the ultimate goal should be to offer something that can help the site as well as the users.

Would you be interested in some type of internal gaming system made available on tPC, perhaps to Supporters only? This would basically be an area where you can play flash games of various types and compete against your friends, save high scores, view rankings of others, etc.

Please answer the poll and questions below! =)
  1. Do you currently utilize the gaming section of a non-gaming site?
  2. Are you a member of any other forums that have a gaming section? Do you use it?
  3. Have you ever thought it would be nice if had a gaming section?
  4. If tPC did have a gaming section would you use it?
  5. What genre of games are you the most interested in?
  6. How old are you?
  7. What is your gender?
  8. Ethnicity?
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