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    Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
    This is because it's not yet possible for 5th generation ROMs yet, it is still currently under development and will be made possible in a later version.

    If you really want to edit Wild Pokémon, Trainers or Text, there's other tools that have already been made for it, such as PPTXT. As for Script Editing, the only method as of now is to use LUA scripts to research by debugging values, then using a hex editor to change them, then inserting them back into the ROM, which is rather time consuming and requires alot of research into which values would the scripts do and so on.

    I'm pretty much past the point of needing Lua scripts to figure out what script commands do, the NPRE version I edited has pretty darn good reading capability (parsing case commands here). Most of the remaining commands and their function can usually be determined by just looking at what the script does in game.

    I actually made a Lua script to replace the active script file in-game without having to stop and edit the ROM... that's how both of my two event videos were made. Lua script is here. Basically it just overwrites the memory with a string of hex, for a certain script #.

    What sucks is that the Japanese version and International versions have different command #'s (japanese has extra/less like Change Kata/Hiragana which causes #shifting).

    @UltraNerdtendo64: in the mean time~
    Pokemon ROM Changer (for Wild Pokemon) here with source available.
    Kazo's BWTE (trainers) here, source code for one of my unofficial sub edits is here.
    PPTXT (text editing) is here, source also available there.
    Scripting is only possible with hex editing and just observing how it works with NPRE (I posted my NPRE version edited for B2W2 parsing here).

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