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    "State your business here! how do I know you're an angel and not some demon in disguise?"

    Courage swung around to come face-to-face with a bow pointed in his face. Another Angel, by the looks of it. "Relax, sister. I'm an Angel." He spread his arms in a gesture of peace. "That is my human right there." He gestured to Amanda. "I have to keep special watch on her." He gave a bright smile and slowly moved the arrowhead from his face. "The name's Courage." Courage was positive she was an Angel. There was no other way she could have a bow like that in public. Taking a step back, he glanced over at Amanda, who was still with the boy. "That's Amanda." Without hesitation, he scowled a little. "So what about you? You may be a demon in disguise. How about you state YOUR buisness." Courage may not be a genius, but he knew that not everything was how it seemed.